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Amish Cheese from LeRaysville Cheese Factory

We have chosen quality cheeses manufactured under strict standards from our neighbors in nearby LeRaysville. The LeRaysville Cheese Factory uses all natural milk products with no artificial additives. These cheese makers have brought home many honors from the national cheese making contest in Wisconsin.

Choose from: 1/2 lb. ---- 1 lb.
Extra Sharp Cheddar $4.25 ---- $8.00
Cajun Cheddar $4.75 ---- N/A
Plain Cheddar Cheese Curds $3.75 ---- N/A
Cajun Cheddar Cheese Curds $3.75 ---- N/A
Udder Delight N/A ---- $7.00
Smokey Delight N/A ---- $7.75
ship wt. 1 lb per package

Cheese available December 1st - March 31st
*Block cheeses are approximate weight, vacuum packed. Cheese curds are exact weight. Udder Delight and Smokey Delight are exact weight rounds.

Cheddar: Raw milk Cheddar is made in the style and tradition of America’s East Coast “Export Grade” with whole milk, cultures, rennet, salt, no colorings, slow cured at 40 degrees F.

Cajun Cheddar: A blend of traditional Cajun spices is added to Cheddar to make this an untradtional specialty cheese.

Cheese Curds: Eat them like popcorn, sprinkle on salads or use in an omelet. Plain or Cajun spice.

Udder Delight: Added cream makes this semi-soft one pound round cheese smooth and flavorful.

Smokey Delight: A lightly smoked version of Udder Delight.

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